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FAQ | What is "NoFraud"?

FAQ | What is "NoFraud"?

About NoFraud

NoFraud offers fraud prevention services for eCommerce businesses. They review transactions on behalf of businesses and notify them if a transaction is deemed high risk for fraud. This helps protect consumers from unauthorized credit card use and shields businesses from fraud chargebacks.

Why is NoFraud Contacting Me?

If you received an email, call, or text from NoFraud, it is because your recent transaction displayed unusual shopping patterns or was flagged for heightened risk. NoFraud aims to verify that the transaction was indeed authorized by the legitimate cardholder.

Next Steps after Confirming a Transaction

Once you confirm a transaction, there are no further requirements unless a fraud analyst requests additional information from you.

Protection of Personal Information

NoFraud will never request sensitive personal details such as your full credit card number or social security number.

Order Processing Timeframe

In the majority of cases, once you confirm a transaction, your order will proceed to processing without delay.

Unauthorized Transaction Handling

If you did not make the transaction and are certain that no authorized user accessed your credit card or payment account, we recommend immediately contacting your credit card company or payment account provider. Inform them about the unauthorized transaction and request to review recent account activities for any additional fraudulent charges.

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