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Setting Up Your New Wireless Card: Everything You Need To Know

Getting Started | Setting Up Your New Wireless Card

Just got your new wireless card? It's the perfect time to get it set up! If you still need help or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Wireless Network Card Setup

Part I: Before Starting

  • Make sure your system is compatible by reviewing our support article on Wireless Network Card Compatibility and checking your new adapter's product page for details.
  • Keep in mind that transmission speeds vary based on environmental conditions and your actual internet speed depends on the bandwidth provided by your ISP.
  • Avoid connecting or testing speeds while using a VPN as it can reduce performance.
  • Download all required drivers (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) before physically installing your network card. You can find more details in the Driver Installation Steps.

Part II: I Just Received My New Wi-Fi Card. Now What?


  1. Turn off your system's power and follow your system manual's directions to locate and detach the current wireless module.
  2. Disconnect the old antennas and remove the old network card, ensuring to remove any screws if applicable.
  3. Install your new network card by inserting it into the slot and secure it with any necessary screws.
  4. Reattach the original antenna connectors to your new network card.
  5. Power on your system to test the new Wi-Fi Card.
  6. Verify your internet speed and install the necessary drivers if they are not automatically installed.

Note: Follow our Driver Installation Steps and download the drivers to your system before swapping your network card. Drivers are not included with each order.

Enjoy your upgraded Wi-Fi after reattaching your system's back cover and screws.

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