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Lenovo USB-C to 4 USB-A Hub

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  • Get instant productivity with the Lenovo USB-C to 4 port USB-A hub works right out of the box with plug-and-play technology
  • One USB Type-C port is all you need to use an unlimited range of USB Type-A devices via 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports on the hub
  • Enjoy 5Gbps high-speed data, printing, peripherals, storage, webcams, and more in one versatile expansion hub
  • The incredible design of the Lenovo USB-C to 4 port USB-A hub is sleek and lightweight, making it a perfect travel companion
  • Hardware requirements: Systems that have USB-C port; Supported OS: Windows 10, Chromebook

With a Lenovo USB-C to 4 Port USB-A Hub, you can expand your computer's
potential and redefine what's possible. Overcome the limitations of your
device and transform your notebook into a productivity powerhouse with this
convenient USB Type-C extension hub. One USB-C port is all you need to enjoy
instant access to an unlimited number of peripheral devices, including
external keyboards, mice, DVD burners, printers, webcams, or any other USB-A
device. Transfer files quickly and easily with up to 5 Gbps output.Compatible
with any laptop or PC that has a USB-C port and uses the Windows or Chrome
operating system, this portable and travel-friendly multi-USB port hub is made
to work right out of the box. Thanks to driver-less plug-and-play technology,
you can just plug it in and get to work without delay. Small, lightweight, and
affordable, you can carry the Lenovo USB-C to 4 port USB-A hub in your laptop
bag, briefcase, or even in your pocket. Perfect for business travelers, home
offices, students, or anyone who needs a few extra USB ports to improve their

Lenovo USB-C to 4 USB-A Hub
By: Lenovo

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