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AC9260 Desktop Wi-Fi Kit | PCIe x4 | 1.73 Gbps | Bluetooth 5.1 Support | Wi-Fi 5 Wireless-AC No vPro 9260NGW

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  • Designed to provide Gigabit WiFi-Speeds for enhanced browsing, gaming, and productivity
  • Capable of delivering up to 1.73Gbps throughput nearly 12x faster than the baseline 1x1 BGN (150Mbps) Wi-Fi used in previous generation PCs
  • Compatible with most Intel & AMD desktop systems running Linux or Windows 10/11 64-bit. PC must have available PCIe x1 / x 4 / x8 / x16
  • Kit includes 1x AC-9260 wireless adapter and 1x Desktop Kit with Bluetooth cable. PC must have open USB header on motherboard for Bluetooth to function

Features and Benefits:

- Gigabit Wi-Fi Laptop Wireless-AC 9260 designed to provide Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds. When using 160MHz channels, it can deliver up to 1.73Gbps maximum theoretical throughput, nearly 12x faster than baseline 1x1 BGN (150Mbps) Wi-Fi used in today's PCs.

- Support for Bluetooth 5.1 provides 4x the range over Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy with the same power, doubles the transmit speed and improves the broadcasting functionality. This translates to better coverage, improved location-based services and simpler connectivity between devices.

Kit Includes:

1x Laptop to Desktop (PCIe x1) Wi-Fi Card Converter for M.2 PCIe Network Cards with Bluetooth Support which includes:

- 1x Set of antennas and connecting wires

- 1x Set of standard desktop mounting bracket

- 1x Bluetooth cable (requires open USB pin set (header) on motherboard)

1x AC-9260 Wireless Adapter


- Compatible with most systems running Linux or Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

- Motherboard must have available internal USB Pin connector (header) for Bluetooth cable

- PC must have available PCIe x1, x4, x8, or x16 [No support for M.2 CNVio / CNVio2]

- Ideal replacement / upgrade for models: AC-8260, AC-8265, N-7265, AC-7265, AC-3168, AC-3165


  1. Gently insert your Wi-Fi card into the provided Adapter

  2. Gently attach the provided antenna connectors to your network card---be gentle! The connectors generally pop right on

  3. Install into an available PCIe slot

  4. Screw the provided antennas to the exterior of the desktop convertor

  5. ***Test your new Wi-Fi Card*** (You may need to download the drivers for your specific Wi-Fi card)

  6. Then, reattach your systems back cover and enjoy your upgraded Wi-Fi!

AC9260 Desktop Wi-Fi Kit | PCIe x4 | 1.73 Gbps | Bluetooth 5.1 Support | Wi-Fi 5 Wireless-AC No vPro 9260NGW
By: HighZer0 Electronics

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