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Troubleshooting & FAQs

  • Qu'est-ce que CNVio (Modules CRF) ?

    Qu'est-ce que le module de connectivité intégrée (CNVi) et le module RF compagnon (CRF) ? La connectivité intégrée déplace les éléments clés de la technologie Wi-Fi et Bluetooth® dans les processeurs Intel®. La solution est composée de : CNVi, la partie IP...

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  • NoFraud FAQ

    NoFraud is a fraud prevention solution for eCommerce businesses. They screen transactions on behalf of businesses and alert them if they find a transaction is at high risk for fraud. This protects consumers against unauthorized credit card use and protects businesses against fraud chargebacks.
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  • Wireless Adapter FAQs

    Wireless Adapter FAQs

    FAQs - Frequently asked Questions  Q: Is my system compatible with model .....? You can review our support article on compatibility here.We can try to assist you with your specific system, however we are limited to the publicly & easily available info on your...

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  • Troubleshoot Your WiFi Adapter

    Troubleshoot Your WiFi Adapter

    Step 1: Driver Installation Steps Ensure you have the latest drivers. Install Wi-Fi & Bluetooth drivers, then reboot computer. Install Wi-Fi Drivers (do this one first) Install Bluetooth Drivers (do this one second) **Be sure to install the Windows 10/11, 64-bit drivers (top...

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