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Wireless Adapter FAQs

Wireless Adapter FAQs

FAQs - Frequently asked Questions 

Q: Is my system compatible with model .....?

You can review our support article on compatibility here.

We can try to assist you with your specific system, however we are limited to the publicly & easily available info on your system. We'll do our best, but cannot promise anything with 100% certainty. 

Q: I'm not Getting the Speeds I Expected or my Adapter is not working as Expected. What Should I do?

  1. Make sure to go through the Troubleshooting section, step-by-step.
    1. Double-check that your system is compatible with your new Wi-Fi adapter. You can review our support article on compatibility here.
    2. Ensure you have downloaded and installed both the Wi-Fi drivers and Bluetooth drivers for your adapter. Links to both are provided under Driver Installation.
      1. Contact your system's manufacturer for additional recommendations. You can also browse Intel's support forum or create a post yourself, if you are interested.

      If none of these action work, request a return through the original storefront/website where your purchased your adapter. Some systems just don't play nicely with the newer technologies. Sorry :(

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