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HighZer0 Electronics AX200 WiFi 6 Adapter | Dual-Band 802.11ax M.2 Wifi Card for PC | Up to 2.4 Gbps | No vPro | Supports Bluetooth 5.2 & Intel, AMD, Windows 10/11, Linux AX200NGW

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  • Upgrade to lightning-fast WiFi 6: experience the AX200NGW PCIE WiFi card up to 2.4 Gbps, Dual-Band 802.11ax, MU-MIMO, ensures swift & stable connection. Ideal network card for gaming & HD streaming.
  • Enhanced Bluetooth 5.2 support: M.2 WiFi PCIE Network Adapter + Bluetooth card for PC combo to connect a multitude of devices, seamlessly. Not compatible as replacement for AC 9560/9461/9462 models.
  • Broad Compatibility as WiFi adapter for gaming PC: Supports most Intel, AMD PCs with Linux or Windows 10/11 64-bit. Upgrade from models AC 9260, AC 8260, AC 8265, N 7265, AC 7265, AC 3168, AC 3165.
  • WiFi adapter for PC with WPA3 Security & MU-MIMO Support: Enhanced WiFi for PC protection against wireless threats. AX200 with MU-MIMO tech ensures optimal network performance in congested areas.
  • Optimized WiFi 6 Card: Ideal for gaming WiFi, streamers & high-speed users. PC WiFi adapter with 2x2, 802.11ax Wi-Fi, 160 MHz channels. Note: WiFi Adapters for Desktop PCs install require a separate kit.

Experience next-generation networking with the HighZer0 Electronics AX200NGW WiFi 6 Card, your gateway to unparalleled internet speeds and connectivity. This advanced M.2 PCIe wireless adapter brings you into the era of WiFi 6 (802.11ax), offering up to 2.4 Gbps dual-band speeds, significantly reducing latency by 75% for smoother gaming and video conferencing.

Compatible with the latest Windows 10 and 11 and Linux systems, the AX200NGW card is a perfect upgrade for laptops requiring enhanced wireless capabilities. It's an ideal replacement for older models like AC-9260, AC-8265, and more, fitting effortlessly into Key A or Key E M.2 slots. Note that antennas and screws for installation are not included.

This card boasts Bluetooth 5.2 support, ensuring a strong, stable connection with a wide range of Bluetooth devices, while being backward compatible with previous Bluetooth generations. Whether you're streaming high-definition media, playing online games, or attending virtual meetings, this card ensures a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

Security is paramount, and with WPA3 support, you enjoy improved protection against wireless hacking. The inclusion of MU-MIMO technology means that even in crowded networks, you'll experience faster and more reliable connections.

Please note, this card does not support M.2 CNVio/CNVio2 slots. For systems that require CNVio2, consider the AX201 model, and for CNVio, the AC-9560. Always download the latest drivers for optimal performance.

Upgrade to the AX200NGW WiFi 6 Card by HighZer0 Electronics and transform your wireless experience with speed, reliability, and security at the forefront

HighZer0 Electronics AX200 WiFi 6 Adapter | Dual-Band 802.11ax M.2 Wifi Card for PC | Up to 2.4 Gbps | No vPro | Supports Bluetooth 5.2 & Intel, AMD, Windows 10/11, Linux AX200NGW
By: HighZer0 Electronics

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